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Olympic Winter Games - Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang, Korea 09 Feb-25 Feb 2018 - Winter Olympic Games - Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Korea - Winter Olympics

''Give Peace a Chance - This event was held in Korea for Pease''

The Winter Olympic Games 2018 are in the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
''Do not make the mistake of booking Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is another country to the north, and both Korea's have been at war with each other in the past''


Day 17 Winter Olympics 2018 - Sunday

23rd Winter Olympic Games

Winter Olympics Day 17        25/02/2018
TV Timetable for United Kingdom TV Audience

Closing Ceremony 11:00 - 13:00

Bobsleigh - Starts at 00:30 - 2 events

Cross-Country Skiing - Starts at 06:15 - 1 event

Curling - Starts at 00:05 - 1 event

Ice Hockey  - Starts at 04:10 - 1 event

''See you in 4 years time at the 2022 Winter Olympics''

All times UK. Schedule subject to change.

South Korea is not responsible for any changes that may be made.


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Final Day 17 Winter Olympics


''2018 Winter Olympics the Olympics you would never risk sending your kids to visit''
We Advise: Watch it on TV and realise the reporters reporting are the ones the BBC head office dislikes, because they sent them to a official ''war zone'', and lets be truthful you do not sent people you like to a ''war zone''


South Korea Travel Tips for the Winter Olympic Games 2018
  • Keep itineraries realistic: Flights from Europe and North-America to Seoul take around 11 hours, so planning an overnight stay in the South Korean capital on arrival will help guests overcome jetlag before they catch the new high-speed train to the Olympic venues; now less than two hours away. Allowing for two travel days, any visit should be at least six days long to allow enough time to spectate, explore and enjoy the experience.
  • Do your research: With key venues no more than a half hour drive from the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium and over 100 events to enjoy, there will be plenty to keep visitors entertained throughout this compact Winter Games. Familiarise yourself with the action-packed schedule as well as locations. For example be aware that there is a significant distance between the mountain and coastal cluster venues. With this in mind it is advisable to focus on one or the other for a day rather than attempt to experience both which runs the risk of travel delays and disappointments.
  • Customise your trips: Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for customers, so be aware of their differing needs and sporting passions before planning their itinerary. Whilst athletes will compete for 102 gold medals in 15 sport disciplines, the world’s largest sporting event of 2018 will also welcome six new events to the Olympic family – including Snowboard Big Air, Speed Skating Mass Start and Curling Mixed Doubles. It will also stage the greatest number of women’s and mixed events in Winter Games history.
  • Consider an interpreter: Whilst South Korea is known for its service-oriented culture and there will be many English-speakers across the Olympics’ main coastal and mountain venues, larger groups might benefit from travelling with an interpreter to avoid potential language barriers. This especially applies to itineraries that include travel and accommodation outside the PyeongChang district.
  • Be accommodation savvy: Despite the absence of international hotel chains and the privately-owned hotels tending not to use the traditional star rating system, be assured that the standard of accommodation available is reassuringly high. By checking your hospitality provider has had their accommodation contracted for a while – much like ATPI Sports Events, who has been working with the destination’s top properties since 2014 – you can still ensure high service levels for your clients.

Embassy of the Republic of Korea
60 Buckingham Gate

020 7227 5500/2  (takes a long time to get connected)
Fax 020 7227 5503

Website http://gbr.mofat.go.kr
Monday-Friday 09.30-12.30 & 14.00-17.30

Visa Section Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00

Press & information Office 020 7227 5500 (ext. 615)

Korean Cultural Centre
Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand

020 7004 2600
Fax 020 7004 2619

Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00 & Saturday 11.00-17.00 

HIS EXCELLENCY MR SUNGNAM LIM m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 20 September 2012)

Mrs Hyun Joo Shim
Mr Kwon Yong Kyu m Minister
Mr Kim Chulsoo m Minister Counsellor
Mr Lee Beom-Chan m Minister
Mr Bae Byoung-Jun m Minister-Counsellor
Mr Kim Byungkyoo m Minister-Counsellor (Financial)
Mr Kim Kab-Soo m Minister Counsellor (Cultural)
Mr Cho Seung-Hwan m Minister Counsellor (Maritime)
Mr Yun Il Kim * Counsellor
Mr Yang Keum-Suk m Minister-Counsellor
Mr Kim Chang-Sik m Counsellor
Mr Ho Byoung-Kwon m Counsellor (Administative)
Mr Park Jong Won m Commercia Attaché
Mr Shin Jin-Chang m Counsellor
Mr Shin Jae-Shik m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology)
Mr Song Yoon-Seog m 1st Secretary(Press & Information)
Mr Kang Sung Min m 1st Secretary (Procurement)
Mr Kim Hyon Du m 1st Secretary
Mr Hong Soon Bok m 1st Secretary
Mr Seo Yong Won * 1st Secretary
Mr Shin Seok-Hong m 1st Secretary 
Mr Im, Byung-Ho m 1st Secretary (Police) 
Mr Lee Jung-Hyun m 2nd Secretary 
Mr Kim Chang Soo m 2nd Secretary 
Mr Kim Hyung-Seok 3rd Secretary 
Mr Kang Soon-Na m Education Director 
Captain Park Ju-Hyeon m Defence Attaché 
Lt. Col. Yi Kwang-Jo m Air Attaché 


Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
73 Gunnersbury Avenue
W5 4LP

020 8992 4965
Fax 020 8992 2053

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR HAK BONG HYON m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 January 2012)

Mrs Choe Jin Ok
Mr Yong Ho Thae m Minister
Mr Myong Sin Mun m 1st Secretary
Mr Kun Song Choe m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)
Mr Kwang Song Yu m 1st Secretary (Maritime Affairs)


Do you really think our insurance company would like it if we sent clients to a possible war zone. We are agents for Korearail but as I personally think there will be a missile strike whilst the event is on. I cannot truthfully sell tickets for someone to be on the receiving end of such an attack.

If you actually want a
Korea Rail Pass or Korean Train Tickets come back a month after the games and I will sell you one then

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