Eurail Pass Train Timetable - Find your train times and connections

Eurail Pass Train Timetable
  • Find your train times and connections
  • Find European train times with the Eurail timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip.
  • Search for train routes between thousands of European towns and cities
  • Look up train departure and arrival times
  • Easily identify which trains you need to reserve.
  • Find out all about train reservations.
To avoid trains that require seat reservations, remember to tick the box that says "Avoid trains that require reservations".
Read Tips on Using the Eurail Timetable
  • View average travel times between popular cities
  • Find Your Hotel in Europe
Tips On Using The Eurail Timetable
  • The Eurail timetable also shows trains that aren't covered by the Eurail Pass.
  • To be absolutely sure if a train is covered, check the list of railway companies participating in Eurail.
  • All train times for the Eurostar high-speed train include a 45-minute boarding time.

Here's some more useful information:

How Do I Use the Timetable
I can't find my train, station or city. What do I do?
Some city names can only be found when you use the local spelling. This is the case for Prague (Praha), Lisbon (Lisboa), Belgrade (Beograd) and Copenhagen (Koebenhavn). When looking for Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, search for Roissy CDG instead.
Many European cities have more than 1 railway station. When you're not sure where to go, you should always select the first search result. This is usually the biggest station in the city and will be located in or near the city center. If you're looking for the station nearest to your hotel, you can use Google Maps to find it.
Keep in mind that there are some exceptions to the rule above. For instance, the most central station in Venice is Venice Santa Lucia. 
However, the timetable lists Venice Mestre first, as this is the station most night trains go to.
There are some trains that don't appear in the Eurail timetable.

They are listed below with instructions on how to find train times:
  • All trains in Greece. Visit Trainose
  • Train connections between Serbia and Greece. Visit ZS
  • Trains operated by TreNord in Italy. Visit TreNord 
  • All trains in Ireland. Visit Irish Rail
  • All trains in Northern Ireland. Visit NI Railways
  • Suburban trains in Spain. Visit Cercanias
  • All trains going to Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina). Visit ZFBH
How can I find alternatives for trains that need a reservation and/or are fully booked?
  • If you want to search for trains that don't require a reservation, simply check the box next to 'Avoid trains that require reservations'
Timetable Avoid trains with reservations: 
  • Select ''Show more options' to narrow down your search results.
  • Select 'Local trains' if you only want to see the slower regional trains that don't require a reservation.
  • Select 'All trains except high speed' to see a combination of these trains and faster trains that often do require a reservation.
If the options above haven't helped: 
  • You find a train or route you like, you can select the option 'Via this station'.
  • Fill in a third station and instead of searching for direct routes from A to B, the timetable will now search for a route via C.
  • For example, say you're traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, but would like to visit Brussels along the way.
  • You just fill in Brussels as your 'Via station' and let the timetable come up with a route.
French trains can become fully booked:
  • If this happens to you check our list of alternative routes for French trains.
  • Trains between France, Italy and Spain can sometimes become full.
  • View alternative travel options between France, Italy and Spain. 
How do I know which trains in the timetable are included in my Eurail Pass?
Check here to see which participating railways' trains are included in your Eurail Pass. Keep in mind that even if a train is included in your Pass, you still may need to make a reservation.
Travel Times In Europe
Check out the travel times between popular European cities. With Eurail, all of Europe is within your reach!
Train Route             
Travel Time (by high-speed train)
Paris - Amsterdam
3hr 20min
Paris - Barcelona 6h 15min
Madrid - Barcelona 2h 45min
Paris - Geneva 3hr 05min
Paris - Rome 11h 15min
Rome - Venice
3hr 05min
Amsterdam - Berlin 6hr 20min
Berlin - Prague 4hr 40min
Prague - Vienna 4hr 25min
Vienna - Budapest 2hr 50min

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