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From Warsaw to Gdan'sk and everywhere in between, you'll love the 14th century Gothic castles, sandy beaches of the Baltic coast, unmistakable history and much more while hopping on and off the trains at your leisure in Poland!

Poland is served by an extensive network of railways. In most cities the main railway station is located near a city centre and is well connected to the local transportation system. The infrastructure is operated by PKP Group. The rail network is very dense in western and northern Poland, while eastern part of the country is less developed. The capital city, Warsaw, has the country's only rapid transit system: the Warsaw Metro.

The only high-speed rail line (though by most definitions, real high-speed rail only includes speeds over 200 km/h) in central-eastern Europe is the Central Rail Line (Poland), Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa (CMK). It has a length of 223 km (139 mi).

Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA or PKP SA or Polish State Railways Inc. is the dominant railway operator in Poland. The company was founded when the former Polskie Koleje Państwowe state-owned operator was divided into several units based on the requirements laid down by the European Union. PKP SA is the dominant company in PKP Group collective.

In Poland there are 23,429 kilometres (14,558 mi) of railway tracks managed by PKP SA and owned by the state.

PKP Intercity is a semi-independent division of PKP that operates long-distance passenger trains in Poland. It was founded in 2001 when, in preparation for joining the European Union, the Polish State Railways were reorganised into a number of independent operating companies under the unified direction of the PKP Group.

Warszawa Centralna railway station
Al. Jerozolimskie 54, Śródmieście, Warsaw, Masovian

Kraków Central station
31-508 Kraków, Poland

Łódź Fabryczna railway station
Plac Bronisława Sałacińskiego 1, 90-001 Łódź, Poland

Gdańsk Główny railway station
Podwale Grodzkie 1, 80-895 Gdańsk, Poland

Katowice railway station
plac Wilhelma Szewczyka 1, 44-100 Katowice, Poland

Wrocław Główny railway station
Piłsudskiego 105, 50-085 Wrocław, Poland

Poznań Główny railway station
Dworcowa 1, 61-801 Poznań, Poland

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