Balkan Flexi Pass - Balkan Rail Pass

Balkan Flexi Pass

The Balkan Flexi Pass offers unlimited First Class rail travel in the following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. From beautiful beaches, historic architecture and rich culture galore, this European trip is one of a kind.

  • Balkan Flexipass is a train ticket for trips on the territory of Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.
  • Passengers can choose one of the following options: ticket for 5,7,10 or 15 randomly selected days within 1 month. 
  • The offer has special rates for young people under 26 and senior citizens over 60 years of age.  Children aged 4-12 are entitled to a 50% reduction.
  • The ticket is personal and issued upon presenting an identity document. On the territory of the country of residence it can only be used from departure station to border station and vice versa. 

Balkan Flexi Pass where can the pass be used:

Balkan Flexi Pass Eligibility:

  • Residents of Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey are not eligible to purchase or use this rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be validated within 6 months of purchase date at the train station by a railway official.
  • The railway official will write the passport number on your rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train, first ship or before using a passholder bonus.
  • The date of travel must be entered into the corresponding box on the rail pass by the traveler before boarding the first train of the day or when utilizing a passholder bonus.
  • Travelers must carry a passport in order to travel with this rail pass.
  • Rail passes are 85% refundable up to 1 year after the purchase date if the rail pass has not been validated or used. Refunds and Exchanges are subject to a 7% administrative fee per product.
  • Rail passes are non refundable if lost or stolen except as covered by Rail Protection Plan™.
  • Reservations and supplements are not included in the rail pass and are at an additional cost.
  • All prices are subject to change.

Balkan Flexi Pass Pre-booking time:

The pass must be validated within 6 months of purchase.

Balkan Flexi Pass Discounts:

  • Senior Pass 60+ 
  • Children 4-12 
  • Children 4- 

Balkan Flexi Pass Additional Details:

You can travel with your Balkan Flexi Pass on board Attica Group's ferries, on the following international sea-lines:


  • Ancona - Corfu (NEW) - Igoumenitsa - Patras
  • Bari - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Patras

Pass holders will be liable to pay the following supplements:

  • High season supplement (July and August) 20 euros per person;
  • Mid Season supplement (June and September) 10 euros per person;
  • Port Taxes (7 euros) and fuel surcharge (if applicable).
In addition, the Balkan Flexi Pass will be accepted on domestic routes operated by the maritime company Attica Group with a 30% reduction on the full fare rates in Economy Class.

Balkan Flexi Pass Pass Delivery:

This pass is printed on official railway ticket paper that will be shipped to you. You can select from the available shipping options during checkout. Please allow sufficient time to receive your pass before your departure.

The Balkan Flexipass is a pass valid for an unlimited number of rail travels in first or second class within the following countries:

The Balkan Flexipass is valid any 5, 10 or 15 flexible days within a month. Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively.

The Balkan Flexipass offer addresses to all types of passengers, namely: children, youth, adults and seniors.
  • Youth (under 26 years) and the seniors (over 60 years) have special reduced tariffs.
  • Children under 4: travel free when sharing a paying passenger`s seat/ bed.
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old pay half of the price paid by an adult.
  • The offer Balkan Flexipass is sold to passengers who want to buy this offer from the travel agencies from outside or inside of Europe.
  • Holders of Balkan Flexipass offer have also additional offers displayed under the item 9, in the present selling guide.

1. Balkan Flexi Pass issue of Tickets:

The Balkan Flexipass offer can be issued 6 months in advance. This offer is personal (non transferable) and it is valid only in connection with a passport or an identity card.

The issuer has to fill the name, the country, the passport number or the ID number, the number of the purchased days, the prices, the first and the last day of validity.

Passes must be validated prior to first day of use.

Comprehensive conditions of use are mentioned on the ticket cover.

2. Balkan Flexi Pass filling and use of the Tickets:

The holder has to fill the travel date in the corresponding box on the pass with a pen (in two digits: 09/01).

On the special pages, the holder has to indicate the travel date, the departure station and the destination station, as well as the chosen itinerary.

If an overnight train starts after 7:00 p.m. (the arrival must be over the midnight), the pass holder has to fill the date of the next day on the pass, provided it falls within the validity of the pass.

The Balkan Flexi Pass offer entitles the holder to an unlimited number of free travels within its validity on all trains and for all the countries mentioned above.

3. Balkan Flexi Pass Travel with a Pass:

In this case, the passenger is considered as one without a valid ticket and he has to pay, alongside with the price of the ticket, an extra charge, according to the railway guidelines.

The passenger that refuses to pay the price of the ticket and the price of the extra charge is excluded from the transport.

4. Balkan Flexi Pass Supplements:

Holders of the Balkan Flexi Pass offer have to pay the following charges and supplements:
  • the reservation fare.
  • the supplements for using the IC or ICE trains.
  • the reservation fare for the international trains.
  • the supplements for using the sleeping and berth cars.

5. Balkan Flexi Pass Loss or Stealing:

Passes are neither refundable nor replaced in cases of loss or stealing.

You need to take out travel insurance. This is actually what travel insurance is for.

6. Balkan Flexi Pass Repayments:

A partial repayment is only possible if the pass is totally unused and it is not validated.

7. Balkan Flexi Pass - Additional offer and Reservation:

A. Greece and Italy

A reduction of 30% on the prices of the sea crossing between Italy and Greece and v.v. on the lines Ancona – Patras and Bari – Patras, served by the shipping company “ATTICA GROUP Superfast Ferries / Blue Star Ferries”.
In addition, port taxes have to be paid.

Reservations –locally

Tel: +30 210 8919130


B. Domestic sea sections in Greece

A reduction of 30% on the official prices of the following sea sections served by the shipping companys “ 

For example:

  • Piraeus – Paros / Naxos / Santorini
  • Piraeus – Syros/Tinos/ Myconos
  • Piraeus – Kos / Rhodes
  • Piraeus – Heraklion (Crete), e.t.c.

Reservations locally

Tel : (+30) 210 8919 800


The Travel Agency ALMA TOUR-BG Jsc offers to the holders of the Balkan Flexipass a 5% discount to several types of accommodation around Bulgaria.

For further information please contact:
Internet address :

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