Greece Rail Pass - Greece Rail Passes

Greece Rail Pass - Greek Rail Passes

From Mykonos to Athens to Crete and any stops in between, explore Greece at your leisure. Take it all in, from Greek islands, beaches, great food, warm hospitality and much more!

Greece or Ελλάδα is officially the Hellenic Republic or Ελληνική Δημοκρατία, historically also known as Hellas or Ελλάς, is a country located in Southern and Southeast Europe, with a population of approximately 11 million as of 2016. Athens is the nation's capital and largest city, followed by Thessaloniki.

Athens or Αθήνα, Athína is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning over 3,400 years and its earliest human presence starting somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC.

Athens is the hub of the country's national railway system (OSE), connecting the capital with major cities across Greece and abroad (Istanbul, Sofia and Bucharest).The Port of Piraeus connects Athens to the numerous Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, with ferries departing, while also serving the cruise ships that arrive.

The Hellenic Railways Organisation or OSE or Οργανισμός Σιδηροδρόμων Ελλάδος or Greek: Ο.Σ.Ε. is the Greek national railway company which owns, maintains and operates all railway infrastructure in Greece with the exception of Athens' rapid transit lines. Train services on these lines are run by TrainOSE S.A., a former OSE subsidiary. In addition OSE owns and maintains the rolling stock used by TrainOSE and maintains preserved special rolling stock, withdrawn locomotives and railcars. OSE was founded in 1971, taking over from the Hellenic State Railways, which was founded in 1920.

TrainOSE S.A. or ΤραινΟΣΕ Α.Ε., pronounced trenosé is a railway company in Greece which currently operates all passenger and freight trains on OSE lines. TrainOSE was acquired in September 2017 by the Italian national railway company, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. Previously, the company was a subsidiary of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) until 2008, when it became an independent state-owned company until its privatisation in 2017. TrainOSE employs all train crews, operators and manages the rail services throughout the Greek railway network, but does not own any rolling stock, leasing rolling stock owned by OSE instead.

Athens Railway station
Domokou Avenue, Kolonos 

Athens railway station or Σιδηροδρομικός Σταθμός Αθηνών or Sidirodromikós Stathmós Athinón is the main railway station of Athens, the capital city of Greece. It is located in the central quarter of Kolonos. It resulted from the merger of the city's two main railway terminals, the Larissa Station or Σταθμός Λαρίσσης of the Piraeus–Platy railway line towards central and northern Greece, and of the Peloponnese Station or Σταθμός Πελοποννήσου, Stathmós Peloponnísou) of the Piraeus–Patras railway line linking Athens with the southern Peloponnese peninsula. The station is still colloquially known as "Larissa Station", which is also the name of a Metro station there.

Piraeus Railway Station
Piraeus, Athens

Piraeus Railway Station refers to two railway termini in the city of Piraeus, Greece, approximately 9 km south-west of the centre of Athens. The southern building (37°56′53″N 23°38′36″E) is the present terminus of Athens Metro Line 1, formerly the Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways that opened in 1869. The northern building (37°56′57″N 23°38′33″E) is the railway terminus for standard gauge railway services on the main axis to Thessaloniki via Larisa and for the Proastiakos to Acharnes Junction and Chalcis. Both buildings are located next to the seaport.

New Thessaloniki Railway Station
28 Monastiriou Street

The New Thessaloniki Railway Station or Νέος Σιδηροδρομικός Σταθμός Θεσσαλονίκης, Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos Thessalonikis) is the central passenger railway station of Thessaloniki, Greece. Inaugurated on 12 June 1961, the passenger station replaced the old and much smaller passenger station which now handles the city's cargo rail, hence the name "new railway station" which has stayed on since. Although unchanged since the 1960s, it remains the largest and busiest railway station built in Greece. The New Railway Station currently features large waiting areas, a central hall, cafes, restaurants and a shopping centre. Discussions are underway for the expansion of the station and a general overhaul, which will also include a hotel and a revamp of the central offices of the OSE for northern Greece. A metro station is currently also under construction at the station.

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Eurail Greek Islands Pass
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Travel in 3 bordering countries in Europe.

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Travel in 4 bordering countries in Europe.

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Visit Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey in first class.

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