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Sweden Rail Pass - Swedish Rail Passes

Discover Sweden - where natural beauty and modern living are in perfect harmony. Visit Stockholm’s magical archipelago, Lapland’s Northern Lights, midnight sun and much more!

Sweden or Sverige is officially the Kingdom of Sweden or Konungariket Sverige is a Scandinavian Nordic country in Northern Europe. It borders Norway to the west and north and Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund, a strait at the Swedish-Danish border. At 450,295 square kilometres (173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe, the third-largest country in the European Union and the fifth largest country in Europe by area. Sweden has a total population of 10.2 million

Rail transport in Sweden uses a network of 13,000 km of track, the 22nd largest in the world. Construction of the first railway line in Sweden began in 1855. The major operator of passenger trains is the state-owned SJ AB.

SJ was formally SJ AB is a government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden. SJ was created in 2000, out of the public transport division of Statens Järnvägar, when the former government agency was divided into six separate government-owned limited companies. 
Over 130 000 people travel with SJ from over 275 stations in Sweden ever day. SJ also travels internationally to other Scandanavian cities including Oslo and Copenhagen.

Tågkompaniet or Svenska Tågkompaniet AB (The Swedish Train Company) is a Swedish railway company that operates franchises in Northern Sweden and Greater Stockholm

Stockholm Central Station
Centralplan 15
111 20 Stockholm

Stockholm City Station
111 20 Stockholm

Gothenburg Central Station
Drottningtorget 5
411 03 Göteborg

Stockholm Central Station or Stockholms Centralstation or Stockholm C is a railway station in Stockholm, Sweden. It is situated in the district of Norrmalm at Vasagatan/Central Plan. The station opened on 18 July 1871 and it had over 200,000 visitors daily, of which about 170,000 were travellers (105,000 with commuter trains, 25,000 with Arlanda Express and 40,000 with other trains), until 10 July 2017 when the local commuter trains started to call at the nearby Stockholm City Station.

Stockholm City Station is a railway station in central Stockholm, Sweden. Opened on 10 July 2017, the station is located on the Stockholm City Line and is located directly below T-Centralen (the hub of the Stockholm Metro) and interchange with Stockholm Central Station. The station serves all Stockholm Commuter Rail trains. It is the busiest railway station in Sweden (not counting the metro)

SJ Regional

Regional services chiefly in the area around lake Mälaren. Operated with either Rc-hauled trainsets, X12/X14 or X40 EMUs. Food and drinks are not sold on board. The X40 is equipped with free 4G WiFi in cooperation with TeliaSonera. Both first and second-class are usually offered.

SJ Higher Speed Trains

SJ higher speed trains or SJ Snabbtåg are X2 or X55 trains operating on the main routes in Sweden. The train is equipped with WiFi and has a bistro.

SJ Night Train

The SJ Night train or SJ Nattåg are Rc locomotive-hauled trains with both sleeper waggons as well as standard waggons. All services but the Stockholm-Malmö route have a bistro waggon. The night-trains are operated on the following lines:

  • Gothenburg-Duved
  • Gothenburg-Boden-Luleå (PSO)
  • Stockholm-Narvik (PSO)
  • Stockholm-Malmö

SJ InterCity

The InterCity services are Rc-hauled trains with standard-seating carriages in both first and second class. There is always a bistro waggon available in the trainset.

Lines with InterCity service:

  • Luleå-Narvik
  • Stockholm-Falun
  • Stockholm-Gothenburg
  • Stockholm-Karlstad-Oslo
  • Stockholm-Malmö
  • Stockholm-Mora
  • Stockholm-Östersund-Duved

Sweden 1 Country Pass

Eurail Sweden Pass
  (Eurail is a European Rail Pass for Non Europeans)

Interrail Sweden Pass  (Interrail is a European Rail Pass for Europeans)

Sweden 2 Countries Pass

Eurail Norway - Sweden Pass
Eurail Finland - Sweden Pass
Eurail Denmark - Sweden Pass

Eurail Germany - Sweden Pass

Sweden 3 Countries Pass

Travel in 3 bordering countries in Europe.

Eurail Denmark-Norway-Sweden Pass

Eurail Select Pass

Sweden 4 Countries Pass

Travel in 4 bordering countries in Europe.

Eurail Select Pass

Discover Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Eurail Scandinavia Rail Pass

Eurail Global Rail Pass 28 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 28 countries with this one pass!

Eurail Global Pass

Interrail Global Rail Pass 30 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 30 countries with this one pass!

Interrail Global Pass

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